Questions or Concerns? Here’s a List of FAQs

What is domestic surveillance?

Domestic surveillance is the method used to discover if spouses are cheating on each other. It can involve husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends. Also referred to as “tailing someone”, it is the technique of putting an investigator out in the field that follows the suspected cheater to document their activities without their knowledge.

I feel embarrassed about even talking to someone about this.

We get calls every day from people in relationships who suspect their spouse or significant others of cheating. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. What you are seeking is peace of mind about something you are not sure of. It is natural to seek to determine if your suspicions are real or imagined. We invest a tremendous part of ourselves in relationships. It is natural to want to determine the strength and integrity of that relationship.

What if I am wrong?

If there is no evidence the subject is cheating, you will have gained peace of mind about your relationship. Since our investigations are 100% confidential, you will not have risked sacrificing the relationship if you are wrong.

Is domestic surveillance legal?

Surveillance is the process of documenting what is going on in the world of an individual. No laws are broken. It is 100% legal.

I have never hired a private investigator, how do I start?

First, you need to be sure you retain the services of a reputable, honest licensed detective agency. Make sure they are well established with a track record. Check to be sure they are fully licensed and insured. Do they have actual offices or is it someone working out their home? Do they answer the phone with a live person or do you get voice mail or a cell phone in the field? Check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure there are no complaints about the company. Last of all, do your own “gut check” about the agency you are talking to. Do they make you feel at ease? Are they using pressure tactics and hard sell techniques?

What are the fees charged for domestic surveillance?

Surveillance is billed on an hourly basis plus a mileage charge. Before the project is started, a strategy is established depending on the circumstances and your needs. Once this plan is in place, a budget can be established. Investigation services are payable in advance of the work being conducted. Payment can be made by credit card (over the phone if you wish), or by cash or check.

How is the surveillance plan established?

You will need to let the investigator know at which times you think the suspected activity is taking place. Will we need to follow the person from home or from work? Does the person have a fixed schedule? Do you know anything about the suspected other party? All these questions and more go into creating an effective surveillance strategy.

What will I need to tell the investigator?

The following are some of the things that help us get the investigation started. You may not have all the information, however, the more you have the better. The investigator will need a photograph of the person being investigated. If the subject is being followed from home, it can also be helpful to have photographs of other members of the household. We will need a complete description of the subject, weight, height, hair color, etc. If you think you know the other party they are cheating with, give us whatever information you know about them.

We will need to know the make, model and color of the subject’s vehicle, with license plate if possible. If we are following them from work, we will need to know the type of parking and where they park their vehicle.

We will also need to know the driving habits of the subject and the addresses of places you think they may visit.

How many agents are used on a domestic surveillance case?

The number of agents used depends on a number of factors. Basic surveillance on an individual being followed from home or an uncomplicated work situation can be conducted by one agent. More complicated scenarios, such as following someone from a high-rise office building, or airport or hotel require an additional agent. Other factors in which we may recommend a second agent include fast and aggressive drivers and extra alert drivers who always watch the rear view mirror. Of course an additional agent increases the cost of a surveillance, and this factor is also taken into consideration in arriving at your budget.

How will you contact me without tipping off my spouse?

First, we will ask if the phone number you give is secure. Saying it is secure means that only you or someone you trust answers the phone and that we can safely leave a voice mail message if no one answers. If the number is not secure, we will discuss other strategies. When we contact you, the first thing we will say is “is this a good time to talk”. If the subject or someone else is present and you can’t talk, you can say “no” or you can say “you have the wrong number” or anything else. We will hang up and you can call us back when it is safe.

What do I do once the surveillance is set up?

Once the surveillance plan is in place, it is important that you do not do anything to tip off the subject to the investigation. Do not change your habits and do not ask too many questions about their activities.

How do you follow someone?

The techniques of tailing someone are an acquired skill. When following someone, we are constantly weighing two factors against each other. First, we want to stay close enough to make sure we do not lose the subject at a traffic light or in heavy traffic. However, we are constantly balancing this against staying so close that we run the risk of being observed by the subject. The art of balancing these two factors in a variety of situations can executed well only by having an experienced investigator working the case. In some cases, a second agent is preferable or required, which allows us to keep safer distances while not minimizing the chance of losing the subject.

Will the suspected cheater find out that they are being watched?

Our surveillance investigations are 100% confidential. We do everything necessary to insure the covert nature of the investigation. If we ever perceive that the security of the investigation is threatened, we pull back and with your input, reconsider the tactics being deployed.

What evidence will I receive at the conclusion?

The evidence collected in domestic surveillance consists of a cd of the activities and a surveillance report, which details all the activity in writing. Both are submitted to you, or if you wish, we can maintain them for you.

What sets ICU Investigations apart from other detective agencies?

At ICU Investigations, we deliver quality investigations. Every organization is only as good as their staff. At ICU Investigations, we have seasoned professionals in the field working for you.

How do you go about getting started?

Call ICU Investigation for a free consultation concerning your specific situation.

We work with you to devise the best strategy for success.

The toll free line for your Free, Discreet, Confidential Consultation is (800) 524-9755.

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Want to Catch your Spouse Cheating? Check this Day and Time…

Cheating Wife


According to Huffington Post Divorce,, the site made specifically for those seeking extramarital affairs, conducted a survey last month revealing the time and day you’re most likely to catch a cheating spouse.



172,000 of AshleyMadison’s users were polled to determine the day and time they were most likely to cheat. 18% of the users responded with Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm, making this time frame the most consistent.



Huffington Post Divorce writes, “You can add this little nugget of cheating trivia to the wealth of knowledge AshleyMadison has already released about its user base, from the city with the highest concentration of mistresses (New York City) to the cheaters’ favorite affair anthem (R. Kelly’s ‘Down Low (Nobody Has to Know),’ naturally.”


The safest way to confirm your suspicions is to employ the help of a licensed, private investigator.

Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU Investigations.




Technology is Killing the Cheater

Cheating Online


Communication online has opened up the world for cheaters looking for an affair. But people think that once the physical evidence has been deleted from the cell phone, computer, etc. that it can no longer be retrieved. ICU can find the digital trail of evidence that a cheater leaves behind.


ABC News reported about two private investigators that revealed red flags and how they retrieved the seemingly “deleted” information.




1. It’s never really deleted…

“Ed Opperman, a Colorado-based PI, said he has recovered deleted text messages, calendar updates, memos, incoming and outgoing call records and other information from cell phones of alleged cheats.”

Just because they deleted those text messages from their inbox and that picture from storage, does not mean it’s been lost forever. The data is still in your phone, and we can retrieve it.

2. Email Addresses can be used for searching sites…

“For a fee, Opperman offers to scour dating, escort services, porn and personal ad website registries for a suspected cheat’s email address.”

Providing us with an email address for the suspected cheater is crucial.

3. Phone Call Records

Request a paper bill from your cell phone provider. We can scour these bills, looking for repeat numbers, long phone calls, patterns, odd call hours and volume, etc.

4. Good Ol’ Fashioned Sting Op

Some private investigators will take it upon themselves to try to lure the suspected cheater into a conversation or a tryst.


The reasonable expectation of privacy is disappearing with the information people are willing to leave behind. No one is invisible.


If you feel your significant other is engulfed in an affair, or feel they may be searching for one, contact ICU Investigations for your free consultation today.


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Survey Reveals Why Moms Stray




According to Huffington Post Divorce, a survey conducted by Victoria Milan, a European site equivalent to our Ashley Madison, assessed 2,000 women using the site and identified that 66% of them are mothers.


Why did these mothers cheat?



  •  35% do it to “spice things up and add excitement to their lives”.
  • 27.5% do it because of their inattentive husbands.
  • 22.5% do it because they’re not satisfied in the sack.
  • 10% do it for revenge
  • 5% do it because they’re angry with their husbands.

What’s even more interesting is that the survey concluded that 55% of these cheating moms said they’re not planning on filing for divorce for their kids’ sake.


Some want to turn a blind eye to these situations, hoping they work themselves out. But if your suspicions are beginning to eat at you and you need help finding the truth, ICU Investigations employs licensed, professional investigators trained to get you the answers you deserve. Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU. Call 1-800-524-9755 for your free consultation.




17 Obvious Signs of a Cheating Man gets a woman to weigh in with their thoughts on an obvious cheater. 17 signs…


1. His Looks

Women aren’t the only sex to adjust their beauty habits while actively in an affair. So when he goes from never bothering to look in the mirror among other hygiene habits to spending more time in the mirror than with you, trouble may be brewing. New clothes in the closet, new haircut, new shoes, a complete overnight change, he may be making a conscious effort to aesthetically please other women.

 2. Overtime at Work

If you’ve exhausted all other scenarios and reasons that your husband may actually be working, and you can’t figure out why he’s unreachable while staying late or on business trips, check his salary stub. It will list the hours he’s worked. If the hours aren’t accounted for, then you have the option to move forward with an investigation.

3. New Found Love for An Old Car

Your husband’s car used to be clad in old pizza boxes, water bottles, coffee cups, kids toys, and his smelly gym bag. If he suddenly keeps it squeaky clean and removing all traces of “family” from it, he may be using it for other activities.

4. Hairy Evidence

You’ve found the classic blonde hair when everyone in your household has brown hair. It’s possible that it could be a stray, but if it becomes a trend, start worrying.

5. Shy to Be Shirtless explains that, “If he is suddenly ‘shy’ to change in front of you; if he makes sure that the two of you only have sex in the dark; if he wants to shower with the bathroom door locked out of the blue; and if he usually walks around in just his shorts but lately has been covering himself up more than necessary. Could there be a more obvious sign of cheating?”

6. Upset Stomach

Does your man keep blowing you off for lunch? Maybe he’s busy doing something else during lunch break. Does he seem increasingly disinterested in the dinners you cook, even his favorites? He uses excuses like “I have an upset stomach,” or “I’m just not hungry.” He’s been eating somewhere, just not with you

7. What’s That Smell

You smell perfume from a mile away; on him, on his clothes when he comes home late from work or a “guys’ night out”. The smell becomes increasingly familiar over time and it’s not yours!

8. Liar Liar

If you notice that your husband has been lying to you way too often, if he hasn’t been looking you in the eye when asked where he was or why he’s late and if he has one too many excuse for his actions, confront him. Too many cover ups = trouble.

9. Internet Love

An extreme increase in your husband’s online activity is a big red flag. states, “He is on his laptop ALL the time and you know it’s not work related. He is suddenly very active on social networking sites and it’s not just old friends he’s catching up with. He even has new email accounts that you don’t have the password to. Tip of the iceberg: When you suddenly walk into the room, he closes chat windows or the laptop screen itself and seems uncomfortable. Is he trying to hide his communication with someone?”

10. Bank Statements

A bank statement will tell you where your husband’s been (and when). Lingerie store? Jewelry store? Restaurants on the late night? If it’s not Valentine’s Day and your anniversary isn’t coming up anytime soon, start worrying.

11. Dry Spells

Couples go through dry spells without sex all the time. But if it’s been way too long for you and he’s not even interested in your advances or giving you a totally negative response, he may be getting his kicks elsewhere.

12. Secret Conversations asks, “Do you ever catch him talking in a low voice or quickly finishing conversations when he sees you? Does he always keep his phone close by or leave the room when he gets a call?” The above mentioned behaviors are not common for someone that has nothing to hide.

13. Picking Fights

If he’s consistently picking fights and using them as an excuse to leave the house for a little to “cool off”, this can be his way out to see other women.

14. He Accuses You of Cheating

A guilty conscious will eventually overflow, and your partner randomly and without reason accusing you of cheating is another big red flag.

15. Need for Privacy

A sudden need for privacy should raise suspicions for you. Trust is key in all relationships, and he’s been keeping things from you. Find out why.

16. Mood Swings

“Does he appear to be happy and in good spirits when he’s leaving home but when he comes home he’s sad and withdrawn?” Look for his emotional behavior and identify when he’s in a better mood. If it’s when he’s leaving, something’s up.

17. Cold Shoulder

When a partner is cheating, it’s not uncommon to feel like the two of you are inevitably growing apart. There’s less communication, they start to give you the cold shoulder, and become increasingly emotionally detached.


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